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Introduction: Walton is a Bangladeshi local brand that offers some electronic items like Television, Refrigerator, motorbike, Smartphones, Air conditioner etc. But among all of these, Smartphone is the most used product and its demand is more than any other product of Walton. This brand has produced a number of mobile phones at a very quick time and that’s why its quality was broken down. When they first started their business, they promised to be the leading smartphone company but they could not save the promise because of their poor customer service and low quality mobile phones. But recently they have produced some of the best mobile devices. Especially in 2015, they created some stunning smartphones that helped them get their old position. Now, in the present time this is 3rd most popular brand in terms of selling in Bangladesh. To See Latest Phones and Upcoming Phones.

Now, we will discuss the whole things about this brand and it will help you to get a detailed of it…..

Walton Mobile Phone History:

Walton is a Bangladeshi company and it was found by S.M Nurul Alam Rezvi in 1977. This group of industries are diversified into steel, textiles, electronics and automobile. They come to the steel business in late 1970s and then, in 2000s they entered into electronics and automobiles. Since the 2000s Walton has extended towards gadgets and autos and these turned into its most imperative wellsprings of wage. The electronics products of Walton has a great reputation. Especially when they started delivering smartphones they have a strong platform. But at the first time, they did not have such a strong position because they were not able to serve a good service to the customers. Also their mobile devices were not very good at all. But later they were able to overcome it.

They have now created some good quality mobile phones which are now widely discussed. The phones are so stylish, innovative and unique. Another great thing about those phones are they are available in affordable price. Due to all of these things, this brand’s devices have become attractive to all and also it has a great position in the mobile market place in Bangladesh.

Some Walton Devices:

There are so many smartphones will be found in this brand. Among all of them I will discuss about some best devices. Those are…..

Walton Primo S6 Infinity:

It is the latest big phone that made by Walton in this year. Last year in October it made the previous Primo S series device and that was Walton Primo S6. This series is known for its premium phones. All the latest version from this series offers something new which can easily impress anyone. This version is also offering high performance and innovative features. It has 3000 mAh battery and it supports a 5.5 inch display. The battery has a really great performance and also it has a huge decline. The front camera is 8MP and it has 16MP selfie camera. The processor is little bit slower. The RAM is 8 GB and the ROM is 32 GB. It comes with the all new Android Oreo v8.0. This is really a great phone to use.

Walton Primo HM4+:

It is another amazing phone from Walton which has some awesome features. It has a eye-catching design with high quality performance. The display is 5.5 inch with OTG and fingerprint scanner. It has 3800 mAh battery with 16 GB ROM and 2 GB RAM.  It has 13 MP autofocus back camera, 8 MP front camera, full HD video recording functions etc. In this price you can found some impressive features. But there are also some drawbacks there. One is it doesn’t have 4G support and another is its Mali 400 graphics. If browsing internet and playing games are not your purpose then it will be a useful device for you. View more info.

Walton Primo H7s:

It is one of the cheap 4G smartphones in 2018. Though it is cheap one but it has some good features. The battery performance, design, camera and display quality, additional features play a vital role in this kind of devices. The battery is Lithium-polymer 3000 mAh and it is decent support whole day for them who regularly use. It has 13 MP back camera and 5 MP front camera. Back camera is well but front camera could be better. It has 5.45 inches full view HD display with full HD video recording. Its RAM is 2 GB and ROM is 16 GB. View more info.

Walton Primo GM3+:

It is a pretty good device with almost 8.5k price. There are some amazing features it has. It has 400 mAh large battery with a great performance, full view design, 4G support, OTG, fingerprint etc. Its RAM is 2 GB and ROM is 16 GB with android Oreo. It has also full HD video recording. You can’t watch videos in good resolution but display quality is good of this phone. Overall it is a good device.

Walton Primo G8:

Generally, Walton has tried to make some exciting and different G series models. Within 7k price you can get some awesome features in this phone. In this price Walton added fingerprint sensor in this phone and it is lowest prices fingerprint sensor smartphone in this country in this year. But the other features like camera, design, battery, RAM, display are quite good. It has 5.5 inch HD IPS display with scratch safe glass is certainly a fine component in this value run. Additionally, the 8 MP BSI front and back cameras (back camera has self-adjust) are very palatable at the cost. Highlight astute, the main disadvantage is the battery. But overall it is quite good.

Why Should Choose Walton Mobile:

There are various brands will be found here in Bangladesh which produce smartphones. But among all of them Walton has a great position and reputation. When they started their journey they didn’t have this kind of platform because of their poor service but fortunately they have overcome from it. Now, they have produced some great smartphones which are called primo series. You can find lots of uniqueness in this series and some amazing features will be found there. Also the price will be not so high which is a very good thing about it. These all the things make this brand famous to all.

Regular Updates:

Here we try to discuss and update some new mobile phones, their description and prices after their released. We update it as early as possible. Walton is no exemption. Along these lines, check sometimes to get information about the most recent models, their costs, determinations, rating and surveys.


Walton is one of the famous brand here in Bangladesh for their many instruments. But especially Smartphones has created new dimensions here. The phones are enough well with their features and performance. Here we have discussed all about Walton mobile phone and their prices. Hope this will helpful for you to know everything about it.

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