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Oppo is a famous brand all over the world. So it is necessary to know all about Oppo Mobile Phone. Today our topic is Oppo Mobile. Mostly Females are crazy about Oppo smartphone. Because of its camera. Oppo provides a good quality of camera in front and back side. That why it is known as an “Oppo Camera Phone”. Not only for this camera but also the build quality of Oppo devices are really great. The durability of the Oppo devices is quite well. So today we will discuss all about Oppo Mobile Phone what you usually need to know. Let’s Start, Stay connected with us.

Oppo Mobile Phone History:

Oppo is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications Company. This brand is very popular in China. Oppo smartphone was the top smartphone brand in China in 2016. Then it was ranked No. 4 worldwide. The Company was founded in 2001 that was 17 years ago they started their journey. Chen Minggyong was the founder of this smartphone brand Company. Not only smartphone but the company also produce hi-fi, home theatre, Audiovisual and many others things.

After getting popularity, Oppo developed their devices and other instruments. The company launch many products the Oppo phone company gets more popularity. They start to launches smartphones in market. And also they stay in their rank without any problems. So Oppo started to get famous among people. It was intelligent idea to the company chairman to launch flagship killer phones. As they use best quality of Camera on front. Compare to the other devices it is the biggest step by Oppo using higher resolution of the camera. We can see only Vivo use the higher resolution of camera in front instead of Oppo.

Oppo Using Technology

Now Oppo is a famous brand all over the world and all class of people. Most of the phone comes Snapdragon Chipset. Snapdragon is most powerful chipset still now. To compare with this kind of chipset no other chipset can beat this one. So that using this chipset is a great step by Oppo to become famous towards people. As a GPU they mostly use the Adreno GPU. Which gives you much better smooth performance. Oppo runs their phone with Color OS. Which is their on OS. It is one of the best OS ever in smartphone world. If we talk about its camera. Then no one can beat the popularity of Oppo brans. As it calls as a camera phone. Also if we talk about the other things then it is average than all.

Some Oppo Series and Devices:

We know that the brand is now one of the top brand in the world. Everybody likes its dashing design and powerful processor. So it might be the best choice for people. In those days Oppo launches many smartphone devices. Like all other brands Oppo has a series of phone. It starts from low budget and stay till the flagship killer expensive one. Therefore the Find X with exclusive Pop Up cameras. In order to know all about the series you have to stay connected with us.

Oppo “A” Series:

This series is popular among all kind of people. In this series Oppo launches the mid-budget smartphone. This is for all class of people. By launching this series Oppo makes surety that all people can use a smartphone in their regular life. There is also some expensive phone in This Series like Oppo A3s and many others. Oppo A5 is also popular in this time. They use medium quality of chipset and GPU in this Series. The camera quality and battery performance is also average in this series devices.

Oppo “N” Series:

Like the “A” series it is also a mid-range quality phone. This series is trying to make people happy with lower specifications. The main goal is provide best quality phone in minimum budget. This series is not launching phone for last 2 years. But still now there is a huge demand of this Series.

Oppo “F” Series:

This is one of the best series ever Oppo done today. People are crazy about this series. From Oppo F7 it gets more popularity towards people. Most of the phone comes with good chipset snapdragon 450 to 652 chipset range. This all are Perform good in camera section. Battery backup is good as regular uses.

Oppo “U” Series:

This was one of the best series by Oppo past years. It was quiet well specification which make people satisfied. Now a days Oppo isn’t releasing this Series of phones. So people are not much interested like last 2 years.

Oppo “Joy” Series:

In this series Oppo released some good quality of the phone. Like Joy 3 and Joy 2 was a great step by Oppo. It makes more popular with latest devices then.

Oppo “Neo” Series:

This was one to the top phone provider then Oppo last five years back. Then it ggot rank in worldwide. Then it was an expensive device. But now a days Oppo stop releasing this Series Op phone. They are trying to do something new.

Oppo “Mirror” Series:

By releasing phone in this series Oppo made a revolution of doing something new in 2014 to 2015. It was the 1st device which make a phone called Oppo Mirror 5. That phone has a good quality of camera. An interesting thing is there was no front camera but they made the phone such a way the back camera could be rotated in Front. Then people can take selfies with higher Mega Pixels of Back Camera.

Oppo “Realme” Series:

This is a new series by Oppo which launches a smartphone a few days back. But or Oppo Find X the series isn’t noticeable to all. Bet in mid-range Oppo Mobile is trying to give their Best.

Oppo “Find” Series:

Now we are going to talk about the most famous series in present the Oppo Find Series. This is a Flagship Killer Series. Which release the best quality of smartphone. So we can make out what can the series can do. Like Oppo Find X, these phones make a great hype to the customers. With all new design and The Pop Up back and Front camera Find X is now the Best invention of Oppo Mobile. The phone is perfect as a flagship Killer device.

What Feature makes Oppo devices better than others:

There are many things to be noted what makes Oppo devices better than the other smartphones. The build quality of Oppo mobile is better than any other devices. Oppo is one of the company which provides good quality smartphones in low budget. If we talk about build quality, it just awesome. Wonder comes from Oppo Devices. They create many advertisement. So that it cost a little bit to buy an Oppo Device.

You must know Oppo use their own OS in their smartphones. The ColorOs is most Popular Os in Present. Also Lava Company use it ColorOS in their Phone. Talking about Camera, Oppo is a Camera Phone everybody knows it. Find X Popup camera makes a great revolution in 2018 all Phone camera Section. Thanks For Stay connected With Mobileraj.

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